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newmarket, ontario, canada
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Lip Balm

lip balm

Your lips are sure to benefit with this moisturizing balm. Beeswax, Shea butter, essential oil (honeysuckle).

$3.00 (0.5oz)

hand lotion

Creamy, dreamy goodness. Made with Shea butter, grape seed oil, beeswax, essential oils.

$8.00 (8oz)

hand sanitizer

Gets the job done. Isopropyl, aloe vera, vitamin e oil, glycerin, essential oils.

$4.00 (4oz)


You can't go wrong - all day coverage. Shea butter, grape seed oil, arrowroot powder, baking soda.

$5.00 (4oz)

liquid hand soap

Distilled water, castile soap, vitamin e oil, essential oils.

$4.00 (8oz)


I use only natural ingredients, including pure essential oils (NOT fragrance oils). I also source Canadian grown products where possible, and when not feasible, I buy from Canadian vendors.